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Originally, I'm from Northern Virginia. And depending on who you talk to that makes me a Southerner or a Northerner. I grew up the middle child of seven kids, sometimes being the youngest, sometimes being the oldest and when I arrived in high school my family's athletic legacy was passed on to me, yet I felt a deeper desire to follow the arts. A year prior, in middle school, I had accidentally stumbled into an after school theater arts class and after apologizing was pulled into the class and put on the stage. I made some adolescent joke in an improv and had everyone, including the teacher, on the floor in laugher - my mind was blown. I knew what I wanted to do. Back to high school, and I spent the four years trying to shed what I thought I was supposed to be and what I really wanted to be. This sometimes resulted in amazing compromises, like doing the high school production of Romeo and Juliet (set in a medieval Scotland) until intermission and then racing down to play out the last half of the on-going Lacrosse game with the battle paint from the play still streaked across my face. 


Throughout this balancing act though, I was part of the All-State Virginia One-Act Festival winners, which helped propel me into receiving a scholarship to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. 


Shortly after college, I landed my first major role as Max on CBS’s As The World Turns. This was enough to send me to Los Angeles, where I’ve now situated myself and call this place home. Since then I’ve worked on True Blood, Criminal Minds, Rake, and countless online series like Bloomers, and most especially Husbands, an acclaimed hit CW show written by Brad Bell and the genre queen herself Jane Espenson with cameos by Joss Whedon, Jon Cryer, Beth Grant (plays my Mama), and Mekhi Phifer. 

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