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An experimental movement based short film melding the alchemy of a raw untrained dancer, a seasoned choreographer and the search for self.


We wanted to take the little boy with no wings and finally give him the chance to fly. 

Take These Broken Wings

Description of Take These Broken Wings:

Our film is about a man who discovers himself trapped by his own limitations and we watch him negotiate his imperfections as he searches for a way to break free.

Near the end of the film the theme shifts to the larger idea that the life he has been so invested in, and the struggles that have so consumed him, are merely the trappings of a single lifetime. And in the film’s final moments he realizes that he has already lived many lifetimes and that there are many many more to come.

The message for me in this, is that while the specifics of our lives are very important, what matters more is our capacity to expand our awareness and move beyond what we think we know. 

untrained, raw abilities is the paint  /    choreographer  is the brush  /    film  is the   canvas

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Thank you for all the loving support!! Check out our Kickstarter for further information and credits on the film! 

Take These Broken Wings

Take These Broken Wings

No, nothing is wrong with your sound! There is none for the first minute, so hang on...

...and breathe. 

Best to put the headphones on too. It's a better experience.  

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