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    In my journey as an artist, I've discovered that creating is more than just a passion; it's a lifeline, a tether to the deeper currents of my existence. It is a means to explore the complexities of control and chaos that define my daily life. With an inclination for structure and a history of battling addiction, I've often sought refuge in the comfort of schedules and regimented routines. However, beneath this veneer of control lies a profound anxiety about the true extent of our influence over the world around us. Am I stifling the potential for growth and new experiences by clinging too tightly to the reins of control? This is the central paradox that fuels my need to create.

    I turn to my art as a vessel for rediscovering order within chaos. In the act of painting, I relinquish the linear constraints of daily life, giving myself permission to embrace the abstract, breathe freely, and channel my emotions in their purest form. The canvas becomes a canvas for exploring the intricate dance between structure and spontaneity, control, and release.

In the strokes of my brush, I find solace and understanding. I find the courage to confront the vulnerability of being human, to acknowledge the fragility of control, and to unearth the hidden harmonies within the chaos.

    In essence, I paint to transcend the boundaries of my existence to grapple with the questions that define my journey. Through abstraction, I discover new dimensions of self-expression and emancipate myself from the constrictions of linear living. Art is my sanctuary, my sanctuary is art, and it is here that I explore the enigmatic interplay of control, chaos, and the profound beauty that emerges in between.

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Canvas, framed, and unframed prints are available for each (click series title). If you see a print you like but not the original here, then the original has been sold. 

 The Holocene is the current geographical epoch. The Holocene corresponds with the rapid proliferation, growth, and impacts of the human speciess worldwide, including all of its written history, technological revolutions, development of major civilizations, and overall significant transition towards urban living in the present. More specifically, humans and Nature. 

    Time is gargantuan, and the natural world ticks right along with it. Humans are a blip, yet we are affecting this equation. However, nature is resilient. As are humans. The common thread of both, with its changing seasons and resilience, is the continuation of life, the story of renewal, growth, and rebirth—the many proliferations of the self.


The sublime of nature, of man, the overwhelm of the entire picture of mankind - it's in these works. 

Flimflam is based on an old joke. 

It’s a one-image comic:

God is standing on a cloud and talking to an angel, and he appears mid-conversation.

The caption at the bottom reads: “Look, if I have to explain the meaning of existence, then it isn’t funny.” 

    Flimflam believes in the grand cosmic joke of existence. It’s the absurd, the surreal, the aspirational, the toothy, and sometimes, an innocent memory back when things were alright, even for a moment, under that moonlight. 

The Pali word for impermanence, anicca, is a compound word consisting of "a" meaning non-, and "nicca" meaning "constant, continuous, permanent". While 'nicca' is the concept of continuity and permanence, 'anicca' refers to its exact opposite; the absence of permanence and continuity.

In this series, the pristine white reflects the inner life - the essence of existence - and that impossible task of turning away from the illusion of the material world. Each works reflects the ephemeral nature of reality and the powerful allure of the unknown. 

    aegis \EE-jus\ noun. 1 : a shield or breastplate emblematic of majesty that was associated with Zeus and Athena.


    In Aegis: The Blue Series, I was curious to explore the duality of protection and power, to find sanctuary in the embrace of the color blue, and to experience the profound beauty that emerges when vulnerability is met with resilience. In this series, the hue of azure is meant to evoke feelings of serenity, strength, and transcendence. I want the deep cobalts and gentle ceruleans to become guardians of our emotions, a symbol of the enduring power of art and of our deepest selves. The hope is whatever story you find in the work, you find empowerment each time you observe the piece. 

    Who doesn't like to put on a good song and dance? This series is nothing more than that: a good song, a body in motion, and a painting. 

free shipping, always
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