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"Sean's work elevates the spirit and sparks a curiosity about the life-giving nature of risk and hope."
- commission client




In abstract art, artists often use dynamic lines, shapes, forms, and colors that interact and intersect with one another, creating a visual rhythm and a sense of flow. These elements may be arranged in a way that suggests motion, gesture, or the physical presence of the artist's hand. By engaging the viewer's visual perception and inviting an active response, abstract art can elicit a kinesthetic experience, where the observer feels a connection to the movement and energy expressed on the canvas. It allows for an immersive and sensory experience, as the viewer's eyes navigate through the composition, following the movement, and responding to the visual stimuli. It transcends the literal interpretation of subject matter and invites the viewer to engage with the artwork on a more visceral and experiential level.

"It's through this raw, unfiltered expression that art becomes a transformative force, providing solace, provoking thought, and stirring the soul."

- sean

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