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past commissions


"Thank you for elevating our art game! This piece brings the perfect amount of color and style to our home. It takes out breath away from every angle each time we pass by! Love the risk and hope theme of this one and how your art reflects the goodness of your soul!"   - commission client


"Sean embodies the phrase, art is not what you look at, it's what you see. He provides the multitude of experience onto the canvas allowing the observer to engross themselves in many worlds. Every time you look at it you can find something new, evoke a new emotion and allow yourself to create another narrative. He connects the love of art (my love of Portrait of a Lady on Fire) and delivers an homage to a work without attempting to replicate or steal. His long strokes are like when a film director allows an actor to live in the scene -- providing the ability for the actor and the audience to breathe. Combining complexity and simplicity he's able to capture the very essence of life. All its beauty, it's mess, it's nuance."

- commission client

"Wonderland" 36" x 36" mixed media on Canvas 2020.jpg




I like to spend as much time with a client as possible. This could be a coffee date, a Zoom call, or a hike. I want to enjoy what inspires the client most. It's an opportunity for me to understand your values and worldview and how best to make our final work together meaningful for years to come. 

Additionally, I'd love to see a client's home to see the space where the piece could go. 

I'm happy to send progress shots; however many only want to be surprised at the end. 

If local, I love to install and unveil the final piece. 

The commission process is set up so that the work becomes as personal, if not more personal, for you than for me, so it can be a source of inspiration and joy as the years pass by. The hope is that it becomes a treasured family heirloom to be passed down and create deeper meaning for generations to come far beyond the creator's initial spark. 



24" x 36" = 2000

36" x 48" = 3500

48" x 60" = 4500

60" x 72" = 6000

Contact for larger and smaller than sizes listed. 

Price does not included delivery fees and stretching canvas. It's very possible to deliver anywhere in the world. Would ship to local framer to stretch canvas. 

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