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los angeles, ca

contemporary expressionist  


Sean Hemeon is an artist living and working in Los Angeles, CA. He is a self-taught accomplished painter whose work draws from various sources, including the founding New York School of expressionistic artists and contemporary culture and work as a performer. 

"I paint with energy. I paint with emotion. I paint with impact. For me, painting isn't much about what is represented but how it is painted. It is an experience captured. A still life of an emotion. Art is one of the sources through which the soul expresses itself and inspires others. But to express art thoroughly, one must have the inner emotions opened thoroughly. And, that, is what's put on the canvas." 

    In my journey as an artist, I've discovered that creating is more than just a passion; it's a lifeline, a tether to the deeper currents of my existence. It is a means to explore the complexities of control and chaos that define my daily life. With an inclination for structure and a history of battling addiction, I've often sought refuge in the comfort of schedules and regimented routines. However, beneath this veneer of control lies a profound anxiety about the true extent of our influence over the world around us. Am I stifling the potential for growth and new experiences by clinging too tightly to the reins of control? This is the central paradox that fuels my need to create.

    I turn to my art as a vessel for rediscovering order within chaos. In the act of painting, I relinquish the linear constraints of daily life, giving myself permission to embrace the abstract, breathe freely, and channel my emotions in their purest form. The canvas becomes a canvas for exploring the intricate dance between structure and spontaneity, control, and release.

In the strokes of my brush, I find solace and understanding. I find the courage to confront the vulnerability of being human, to acknowledge the fragility of control, and to unearth the hidden harmonies within the chaos.

    In essence, I paint to transcend the boundaries of my existence to grapple with the questions that define my journey. Through abstraction, I discover new dimensions of self-expression and emancipate myself from the constrictions of linear living. Art is my sanctuary, my sanctuary is art, and it is here that I explore the enigmatic interplay of control, chaos, and the profound beauty that emerges in between.

featured shows

resident artist 2014-2018

Santa Monica, CA

"I gave love" exhibit 2022

Beverly Hills, CA

featured artist 2022

Los Angeles, CA

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